Monday, March 14, 2011

Pulling Up

I was wondering when he would get all the way up under there. His upper body strength is incredible now. He just pulls with his arms, and his little slender body snakes along behind him :)

Josh is enjoying the thrill of pulling up and exploring what lies above him. He stays on his knees so far, but once I have seen him pull up one knee, plant his foot on the ground, and look up at me as if to say, "Dare me, Mom?" He's going to be standing soon.

Whenever I pull out the camera, Felix gets mad with jealousy and runs over to sabotage my photographic efforts best he can. He rubs against my elbow and knocks my camera off my subject (Josh). He walks in front of the camera and flails his tail in front of the eye piece. He walks so close to Josh (in any other circumstances he would never do this) so as to block my view with the camera. Behold the Jealous One.

Josh says, "I'll give you attention!"


  1. so cute! I just want to kiss those cheeks! Daniel is doing sit ups when he lays on his back. He wants to sit up sooo bad. it's funny

  2. Love the ones of him and the chair, esp the one of him under the chair! It looks like he's really getting some exerside.

  3. He's getting soo big! And Felix is just prepping you if you have more :)