Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Food!

I'm so proud of myself. So, naturally, I'm going to brag on our blog...because, what else is a blog for (besides bragging on our baby, of course)?

I've been making my own baby food, when I can, and now that Josh has tried out a variety of vegetables (and we know he's not allergic to them), I've started making them en masse. I'm also trying to think ahead to when he'll be eating whatever we're eating for dinner, and how I can serve it to him. So far, he still has zero teeth, but he is getting really good with his pincer reflex and can pick up tiny within a month or two, I'm betting he'll be eating some finger foods. But right now, I'm still pureeing everything, but also trying to use whatever I'm having for dinner, so it's not a separate production.

Hence, to make a long story short (although I think I just made a short story long, sorry!) I roasted vegetables for my dinner the other night. And Josh got his own pan! I put a ton of root vegetables in my pan with olive oil, salt and pepper, and Josh got the same veggies in his pan, but just with water. After they were roasted, I tossed Josh's veggies in the food processor, in combinations that I thought he might enjoy. Then what he didn't eat that night I poured in ice cube trays, which conveniently enough are 1 oz. portions exactly, and froze them. See below!

Here we have New Potatoes and Parsnip, Sweet Potatoes with carrots and zucchini, and some strawberries and bananas that I pureed the next morning at breakfast while we both ate our oatmeal! I included a bag of just carrots, too.

See how much he loves sweet potatoes with carrots and zucchini!

Oops! Mommy missed. It's hard to take a pic and feed a baby at the same time. Do forgive!

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  1. I look forward to making baby food again. It's fun and so organized when you freeze them in the ice cube trays. You are a good mommy!!