Monday, January 3, 2011

How Much Do You Like Carrots, Josh?

Josh had his first real food besides rice cereal yesterday, and it was a hit (see vid, below). But if you ask Jordan, rice cereal isn't real food. It's like flakes of shiny metal, he says. And if you asked him about carrots, he'd find an equally weird analogy to prove that one should not consume carrots either. But, Josh, as his mother is proud to announce, thinks otherwise.

His other new thing of the day is testing his falsetto voice. No, seriously, even this baby has a higher octave, and he found it yesterday. He thinks it's really cute, but I am trying to convince him to leave falsetto to the pros. I mean, who doesn't love Andrea Bocelli on O Holy Night? Josh, on the other hand, is more like on the sound pitch that only dogs and cats can hear, except just below it. Because I can hear it. And it's quite a high squeal. You can send your thanks that I didn't post that might bust the window by your computer.

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