Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Idaho

While we all know Josh has been a cherub this year, it was confirmed by a certain visitor...

...who left him some toys under the tree...although I think the gift tags read, "To Josh, from Mommy and Daddy."

On Christmas Eve, Daddy read "The Night Before Christmas" poem to Josh, and Mommy made an exception to the "No T.V. Rule" and let Josh watch our favorite Christmas movie, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." He made it to the part where they shop for the famous Charlie Brown tree, and he zonked out. Good thing Daddy read Luke 2 the next night since Josh didn't make it to Linus's famous soliloquy.

And on Christmas Day, we got up for an early breakfast with our friends Greg and Natalie, and drove up to Sun Valley for the day. We strolled around the village and ate at a beautiful lodge near the ski resort.

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  1. hey brittany,
    i forgot the name of the restaurant in sun valley that brian, my mom, dad, I have been to before, but the place we ate, the people there some how recognized us, and ask if we were from mississippi and ask if we know brad mcdonald and these people that asked that worked there at the place we were eating at,

    im suprised you didnt get asked that question, and we said yes we know brad, brad is our cousin and apparently they knew brad from school at ole miss. so dont be suprised if you ever run across these people while eating some where while living there in idaho.