Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Late, but worth sharing

These photos are all from a couple of weeks ago, but I had some trouble of late getting them uploaded to my computer. Alas, better late than never...Enjoy!

This little kid is so ready to sit up on his own...look at him pulling himself up!

...and he rolls over like a pro. In fact, he can get himself out of the seat now, as well as the Bumbo, that I have put them away for the next baby (whenever that may be!). The swing is in the closet, as well!

He prefers the floor, anyway. He inevitably finds his way under the dining table, torturing Felix and making him jump up on the dining chairs. I've warned him to keep his tail tucked and not hanging down, because soon enough, this little Bambino will find it!

And look at how he pulled himself up in the stroller! The proud mother that I am, I run for the camera phone, and the cautious mother that I am, I pose with my hand reaching out so that I don't get charged with neglect.

Here he is, sitting up in his other infant seat.

This is just before he tumbles over head first onto the floor. The good mother that I am, I put the camera down and console him. And I put the infant seat in the closet.

...after all, the floor is the safest place now, and he actually prefers it. I can't keep up with him anymore!


  1. Oh I love reading all of your posts. He is so cute!!

  2. The pictures are GREAT! A little crazy how he can sit up and pull himself out of those seats! Alex isn't doing that yet but I suppose I should get ready. :) LOVE the pictures from Valentine's day with the blocks. Cute and great idea!